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April Flowers

When the world turns upside down, and our reality calls for big adjustments, look to the garden. Here is what's coming up very soon in gardens everywhere.

Daffodils look best in clumps. These have deep orange centers. Photo taken April 25, 2019.
Orange centered daffodils.

Subtle shades have no place in the spring garden. After a long winter, the garden (and our world) calls for bright, cheerful colors. Yellow and all its variations fit the bill perfectly.

This double-flowered primrose packs a great punch of color April 23, 2017
Primula 'Nectarine'

Make sure your garden has plants that brighten the sky as well as the ground. Magnolia 'Butterflies' lights up the view, even in the snow.

Magnolia 'Butterflies' stands up to a late spring snowfall on April 27, 2019.
Magnolia in the Snow

Even leaves can brighten an April day.
Hosta 'Island Breeze'

It's not all about the flowers, although they are what we seek in the early days of spring. I love to add leafy plants that catch our eye with their gold and chartreuse combinations.

The earliest Geum bloomed in my garden was April 5, in 2012. This incredibly easy plant blooms for an entire month.
Geum 'Mango Lassie' refuses to be ignored.

orange tulip
Bright and fragrant Tulip 'Princess Irene'

While most of the large-flowered tulips bloom in late April, all it takes is a series of warm days to encourage them to open early. In 2012, most of my tulips were finished blooming by late April.

But wait... There's more! I'll be out in the garden taking photos of this year's April flowers to add to pics of previous years.

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