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Bouquets are easy this time of year

Even if you haven't been growing plants specifically for cut flowers, there are scads of plants that lend themselves well to earning a vase gig indoors.

Botanically speaking, this vase includes: Hamamelis, Clethra, Hydrangea, Heuchera, Nepeta, Celosia, Tricyrtis, and Eucalyptus.

Occupants of this little vase include shrub representatives, witch hazel, Clethra, and Hydrangea. They're accented with flowers from coral bells, catmint and Celosia, and a couple of slender stems of toad lily and Eucalyptus.

Further identification, botanically speaking: Euphorbia 'Yokoi's White', Fuchsia 'Autumnale', Plectranthus scutellarioides, Ocimum, Kirengeshoma, Justicia, Heliotropium 'Sweet Heaven' and Décor Cutting Zinnias mix. 

This September bouquet has just one of the flower types used in the previous: Hydrangea, faded green and performing as a backdrop for the more colorful stars. Much of the color comes from the leaves of a variety of plants which include summer Poinsettia, fuchsia, coleus, and even a couple of stems of basil. Flowers include yellow wax bells, shrimp plant, heliotrope and Zinnia. Two of the stems have a scent: the Heliotrope, which has a common name of cherry pie, and the basil--a new variety called Basil 'Amazel'.

In addition to the Zinnias and Euphorbia 'Yokoi's White', I've included coleus 'Fishnet Stockings' (my absolute favorite for both in the ground and in containers), Helen's Flower (Helenium) 'Carnival', and stems of a Hypericum.

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