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Putting together a plant outfit. OR: It's not easy being Peach

I'm making my list, but won't be checking it twice until the weather cools off or the wind picks up or the soil dries out or all of these. The list includes things like dividing perennials, especially those that are lagging behind the others in bloom power.

The adorable peach-colored Digitalis called 'Goldcrest' has never been a generous bloomer, and it would have been best if I'd planted more than one. When I divide this foxglove into at least three plants, it will make a nice impact in the south-facing raised bed.

I don't usually leave the tag in place, but I hadn't added this foxglove to my database yet.

But what should I combine it with? It should be something that blooms around late summer, or is at its best around that time if its not a flowering plant. Coming into bloom for fall color is a Helenium called 'Carnival'. The common name for this late summer/early fall bloomer is sneezeweed, probably because it blooms around the same time as ragweed, which makes people sneeze.

Helenium 'Carnival'

This Zinnia is a cactus-flowered peachy color.

There is enough of a peach tone to this goldenrod to make it a great companion to the foxglove. Oh. And Monarch butterflies can't seem to get enough of it.

Another way to accent the Digitalis is to place a container plant nearby. I grow lots of plants in containers, especially those that aren't hardy, like Agapanthus.

The color blue goes with everything. It's the "little black dress" of the plant world. Agapanthus is a tropical that blooms in late summer.

Plectranthus golden variegated, or possibly the cultivar 'Troy's Gold' looks good with anything and makes anything look good.

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